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BornUnknown, claims to be 23 years old
An unknown forest in Aeternum
Height6'8" (203cm)
TitleThe Booze-hound
Parent(s)Adoptive Father, name unknown (Deceased)

Rulf is the local brewer in Lethos, and the owner of the Moonclaw Brewery.



Rulf's early life is a bit of a mystery, due to his preference for not speaking much about it. He has no memory of his parents, being raised by an old hermit in the woods of Aeternum, a world from a distant realm. The old hermit taught him all of his survival skills, and trained him in hand-to-hand combat. Rulf learned of the old hermit's secret brewery some time after his passing, taking his journal to experiment and brew his own alcohol. He spent a lot of his time alone, until he came across the inn of Marigold LeFaye, the two developing a close friendship prior to the arrival of the Lethonians. Rulf's brews were a hit with the Lethonians and he was quickly welcomed amongst their people.

Arrival in Alathra

Rulf was one of the first to enter Alathra, following Dessious establishing a foothold for Lethos. He quickly went to work establishing a new branch of the Moonclaw Brewery in Alathra. He sells his brews primarily through the Resting Rose Inn in Akkabrim. Rulf typically spends most of his time in the brewery, making more booze to sell, but he can occasionally be seen fishing bare-handed in the river just outside the walls of Akkabrim or getting a good meal from the Resting Rose Inn.


  • Rulf has a fierce hatred for sea creatures, the reasons for which seem to change every time he is asked.
  • He takes great offense to being called a werewolf. He is a Lupine. There is a difference.